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The mission of the City of Belfast Boxing Academy is not just to produce boxers of the future but to provide people of the community the opportunity to reach their full potential in life.

Through boxing we aim to encourage, promote and motivate individuals to actively take part within the Academy and within the wider community. By offering a wide range of programmes we aim to enhance and develop personal skills necessary for members to reach their personal goals and aspirations.

The Academy through its ethos and programme of classes will actively promote, ‘Healthier lifestyles and will explore health issues holistically inclusive of a person’s physical, mental and emotional health. This will be achieved by offering nutritional advice and support and running a series of issue based workshops which will be needs based and will explore issues around Drug and Alcohol Use and Misuse, Smoking and so on.

The Academy will adopt a peer-mentoring ethos providing young people with positive role models and adopt a self-belief approach which will aim to inspire the younger generations to become the role models of the future and become more active within their community providing them with a sense of belonging.

We hope that through this approach it will not only make a difference to those individuals who take part but that the positive effects impact the whole community by raising aspirations of the whole area for the future.

new-ring1A warm welcome awaits you at the newly refurbished club, over the next few month’s major changes will be taking place in the club.

Already we have a second Boxing ring, some of the rooms have been repainted and the hall to the toilets has been painted the main wall will in the hall will now become the history wall from our days as Castlereagh ABC.

When phase one is complete we will have a Lonsdale Boxing Gym including an 18 FT Competition Ring 12 Bags two professional Speed Ball Platforms Three Wall Mounted upper cut sets two Bob Large Boxing Dummies plus pull bars etc.

We will have our own separate Weights room, a room for the 5 year old up to 9 to learn the basics of Boxing and Fundamental Movement skills and play games etc.

A Cardio room.
And of course our new second training
All Rooms will also have punch bags in them to help provide an all-round work out.
And last but not least the Parents waiting room is to be totally refurbished.
Phase Two will include a Homework Club room which we hope to have two Teachers to help Children from 5 up to 16 with any homework difficulties.
We also hope to have a Training room which could be booked by local community groups etc this room will include use of a Laptop and Projector if needed.
We intend starting work soon on the Ladies centre, this will be an area for female members to relax and discuss training they may want or activates they may wish to take part in.
We hope to have Two Dorms upstairs for visiting teams so they can come from abroad etc and stay at the club and train.
Showers and Toilets we hope to secure funding to upgrade these in the near future.
Kitchen Facilities will be upgraded.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those Members who have given up so much of their time free of charge to make this all possible.

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